Profiles Photography Nottingham

Lounge - still the most popular location for a family portrait - here a single block mirrors the size and shape of the fire surround. If you have an area in mind, we can design the pictures to fit perfectly and tastefully into your home.

Kitchen - It doesn't always have to be hung in the lounge. Today's lifestyle finds us spending more time in entertainment areas like the kitchen. Here a stunning collection of 'modular blocks' is displayed with great effect in the kitchen.

Colours - It's very popular at the moment to feature an accent colour as part of your decor. With a vibrant wall colour our 'Crystal Acrylic' range is perfect. Complete with large chrome bolts or chrome rods, these portraits are unique to Profiles.

Wooden Blocks - Wow! What can we say? This absolutely stunning split block collection looks amazing when applied to close-up pictures of children. Split up into nine 12" square blocks, they are tricky to hang - but well worth the trouble.

Combination - If you find it tricky to choose just one of your portraits - as many folks do - then our 9-picture combination frame is the perfect answer.

Chipped Glass - each piece of 25mm glass is painstakingly hand clipped and then highly polished to perfection. Large chunky chrome bolts secure the portrait to the wall. A totally uneque piece of artwork - and of course the most expensive.